What should I have in mind before getting a spray tan?

What should I have in mind before getting a spray tan

When you take into account the fact that you can acquire vitamin D for free just by walking outside and basking in the sun for a while, you might wonder why anyone would invest money in a product that gives them a tanned appearance without using the sunlight. Even though it is correct that spray tans may cost you a significant amount more money, it is also true that they will cost you a significant amount less in terms of the potential damage caused by the sun. Such potential harm may include accelerated aging, black spots, sun damage, or even skin cancer. Spray tanning, on the other hand, imparts a radiant glow without requiring exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun.

In addition, spray tans only last for a short period of time, in contrast to the long-term effects of sun damage induced by ultraviolet radiation. Sugar, most frequently sugar derived from beets, is the source of DHA, the active ingredient in self-tanning products. The epidermis is then darkened as a result of a chemical interaction that occurs between it and the amino acids that are found on the surface of the epidermis. Because of this, a tan that you get with a self-tanning product only lasts between seven and ten days due to the fact that when you exfoliate your skin, it is shed along with the dead skin cells that you remove.

Bronzer is the other key component of spray tanning solutions, and its effects can be seen in as little as a few minutes after being sprayed with the solution. Bronzers can be found in most tanning salons. This bronzer serves as a color guide, showing where the tan has already been administered and providing a sample of how your skin will look once the DHA has fully grown in. It can be found in most cosmetics departments. It takes around 12 hours for a regular spray tan to set, but it may take much less time for a quick tan), and it takes 24 hours for both tans to develop entirely. 

After going to all of this bother and money, the least you can do for your spray tan is make sure that it is equally applied and that it lasts for as long as it possibly can. As a result of this, you need to be aware of the kinds of pursuits that you should steer clear of in the days and hours leading up to your session.

Avoid using a self-tanner at all costs.

You should resist the temptation to use a self-tanner or even tinted moisturizer if you have a pale complexion, especially if you are used to having a bronzed glow on your skin. If you apply these products after your spray tan has started to fade, it may wind up looking spotty and uneven on your skin.

Set aside your self-tanner and wait to use it until after you have had a spray tan done. Using a self-tanner a few days after getting a spray tan is a great way to extend the life of your tan and make it look more natural. If you choose to use a self-tanner rather than obtaining a spray tan, then you need to make sure that you exfoliate your skin very gently before applying the self-tanner. Otherwise, you might find that the self-tanner does not work as well. If you do so, you will be able to achieve a hue that is more balanced.

Make Sure Your Clothes Are Comfortable.

If there is a chance that you will get wet, you should consider wearing a bathing suit or underwear that you do not mind getting dirty. Put a protective cap on your head over your hair and remove any jewelry you might be wearing. It is very necessary for you to remove your watch or fitness tracker at this time. Because the elbows, hands, and feet tend to take in more color than other parts of the body, you should apply a very thin coating of barrier cream to these areas of the body before coloring them.

Do not take a shower that is too hot.

It is likely that taking a hot shower will make you feel more relaxed, but the wetness will open all of your pores, which will cause your spray tan to go on unevenly. You can avoid this problem by not taking a hot shower before applying your spray tan. You will have brown spots all over your body for around one week as a result of this, which is definitely not the appearance you were going for at all.

If you really must take a bath before getting your spray tan applied, you should finish your shower by washing your body with ice-cold water for as long as you are able to stand it. This should be done for the whole duration of your shower. This will assist in closing your pores and making them less noticeable on your skin. If you want to accomplish the same results of blocking and tightening your pores without having to take a cold shower, you can try rubbing an ice cube over your skin instead. This will likely have the same effect.

Try to avoid obtaining any kind of laser treatment.

You should under no circumstances have a spray tan after having laser therapy for your skin, as this could cause irreversible damage. This is because the tan will peel off together with the top few layers of skin at the same time, which is why it happens at the same time. Lasers have the possibility of leaving behind dry patches or spots on the skin, which will lead the tanner to produce a deeper color where the patch or area was previously located.

As a result of these considerations, you ought to postpone getting a spray tan for as long as your skin is still peeling as a result of the laser treatment until it has completed its course totally. You also have the choice of having just your body sprayed if the laser therapy that was done on you was limited to just your face. This is something that you can choose to do if you want to save some money.

Acne treatment should not be applied.

Even if it is a normal part of your routine for taking care of your skin, applying any kind of topical acne medicine to your face or body in the hours leading prior to getting a spray tan is not a smart idea. This is true even if you use the medication on a daily basis. This is especially true for people who have oily or combination skin. It is possible that it will lead the tan to become excessively dark in some areas while causing it to peel off in other areas, resulting in uneven results. This would be caused by the tan being unevenly distributed.

If it is at all feasible, you should refrain from utilizing these products for at least a few days before your tan has completely faded away. If you absolutely have no choice but to take medicine for your acne, just make sure not to spray any of it on your face. Instead, focus on treating the rest of your body. However, you should avoid using any acne treatments that aren’t available over the counter, including topical therapies. 

Oral acne medications such as Accutane, for instance, are known to cause the skin to become extremely dry, which in turn can have an effect on the development of a tan. It is strongly recommended that you avoid obtaining a spray tan while you are taking these medications because it could interact negatively with the results.

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