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Many of us put on weight and not realize it until it has gone on too long, so it may take a longer time than we would like to take it off. Weight gain is connected to numerous health problems including high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, and many more concerns. If you have tried losing weight in the past, you know it’s a cycle of highs and lows mentally and on the scale. Most people lose hope when weight loss doesn’t come fast enough and see the immediate results they desire. Being consistent is a challenge, especially when you are unsure of which direction to take. Hourglass Aesthetics offers medical consultations for patients looking to improve their overall health and wellness–most importantly improving energy levels, mood and confidence! For those who have figured out our secret to weight loss but are frustrated to find that weight loss in problem areas like love handles, chin, thighs or arms just doesn’t seem to be happening, look into our CoolSculpting cycles for those stubborn areas! Set up your consultation today, our friendly staff is here to help you!

Peptide: Semaglutide/Terzepitide

Focus a Medical weight loss on section on Semaglutide or Tirzepatide (using these peptides to lose weight safely), Contrave, and Phentermine. All have minimum BMI and other parameters that must be met to qualify for medical weight loss. All require an in-person consu at Hourglass Aesthetics.

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