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The FDA-approved drug Kybella is used to reduce moderate to severe fat beneath the chin, also known as a “double chin.” Kybella is sometimes referred to as the “Mini Liposuction in a Syringe.” It is a ground-breaking treatment that allows you to eliminate double chins, as well as other areas of stubborn fat, permanently! Kybella works by destroying fat cells and eliminating persistent unwanted pockets of fat in specific body regions. A series of 2-4 treatments are typically required to achieve desired results. This revolutionary treatment is changing lives all over the world!


Kybella is a fat-dissolving procedure that destroys fat cells and prevents them from accumulating more fat.
A person with excessive neck fat under the chin, or other areas, who wants to avoid surgery like liposuction is a good candidate for Kybella.
After approximately four to six weeks, you should notice a difference. After doing the suggested number of Kybella injections, you should see satisfactory results about eight weeks later!
Side effects are minimal, although you could have some swelling and redness, tenderness at the injection site, slight bruising, temporary hardness around the area, or numbness.
Yes, they can! Kybella injections can eliminate fat cells from your body and prevent new fat from forming.
For a week or two after treatment, the treated region swells and is somewhat painful. However, most patients can continue with their regular routine the day after treatment.

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