What are Nutraceuticals? Are They Really Beneficial for Health?

What are nutraceuticals? Are They Really Beneficial for Health? | Hourglass Aesthetics & Salon | Lexington, KY

Many people want to be healthy and live a long life with their loved ones. That’s why it is perfectly understandable that many people keep on looking for alternative ways to improve their health aside from the traditional methods of exercising, a healthy diet, and enough hours for sleep. People want to enjoy so many things while living healthily, which is one of their motivators to be healthy individuals in different forms.

One of the things that people turn to nowadays is nutraceuticals. These are revolutionary products that promise to help people live healthy lives by taking these and incorporating them into their lifestyles. However, because this is a relatively new technology and not many people are aware of this, some are still hesitant to try this out for themselves.

This article aims to educate people on what nutraceuticals are and what they can do to your body and overall health.

Nutraceuticals at a Glance

Nutraceuticals are non-nutritive dietary supplements that help you maintain good health and improve your quality of life. They contain certain combinations of ingredients with specific benefits. 

Nutraceuticals work in two ways; to prevent diseases and act as antioxidants, which means they clean up free radicals in the body that damage cells and contribute to aging.

Nutraceuticals are synonymous with nutritional supplements or functional food. It can be consumed by people who do not need medical treatment but merely want to maintain their wellness. Nutraceuticals consist of vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, proteins, etc., which come under the umbrella term Neutraceutical.

Nutraceutical companies now spend more on research and development than pharmaceutical companies. Nutraceuticals are also known as nutraceuticals or functional foods. Nutraceuticals have been clinically tested to provide the specific health benefits claimed by them from these nutraceutical companies.

Benefits of Nutraceuticals in Our Body

Nutraceuticals have so many benefits in our bodies. A lot of research has shown that these have positive effects on our bodies when taken correctly and under the supervision of a medical expert.

For example, neuromins, a natural ingredient found in fish oils, have been reported to significantly reduce depression following stroke. Another group of nutraceutical products, known as nutraceuticals, have been found to improve heart health. Certain amino acids can also be used as nutraceutical products for improving physical performance, building muscles, and controlling obesity.

Neuromins or Omega 3 is a good nutraceutical product for maintaining cardiovascular, brain, and behavioral health. Nutraceuticals are also becoming popular with people who want to lead an active life. Nutraceuticals are the best realistic option for people who wish to lead a busy life and do not want to depend on chemicals for boosting energy.

Nutraceuticals are also preferred by people who do not want to go for expensive surgeries and costly medical treatments. It can also be used to treat certain conditions during pregnancy.

They are, undoubtedly, the best option for people who want to save money and take charge of their own health. They are also preferred in cases where surgery is not recommended. They can be used in children to treat asthma and ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. During clinical studies, Vitamin C has been shown to reduce the number of colds by 90%, compared with placebos.

Nutraceutical products are anti-aging supplements. Neuromins can be used as neutraceutical products for improving brain, heart, and behavioral health Nutraceuticals are the most effective natural alternative for those who wish to live an active lifestyle and avoid depending on chemicals for extra energy.

Nutraceuticals are also popular among individuals who do not want to undergo costly operations or expensive medical therapeutic procedures. When taken before exercise sessions, Neuromins or Omega 3 Nutraceuticals are an excellent energy source, as mentioned earlier.

A significant cause of aging is oxidation. This occurs as we breathe oxygen into our body which combines with other molecules called free radicals, a molecule with an unpaired electron. Nutraceuticals can be used to neutralize free radicals.

This product is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals, which are cells that cause aging. It improves skin texture and appearance, evens skin tone, decreases fine lines and wrinkles, heals sun-damaged skin, rejuvenates tired skin, and restores suppleness in your epidermis.

There are so many other things that nutraceuticals can do. Still, there is also a lot of ongoing research to ensure that people using nutraceuticals are much safer, with more proof in the future backing up their actions.


We are not saying in any way that nutraceuticals are the only thing you need to gain a healthy state of your body. You must disregard the traditional forms of a healthy lifestyle, such as eating healthy food, exercising, taking care of yourself, and many others. 

You can see these as vitamins and supplements that can give you what you need in terms of lost nutrients or vitamins and minerals that your body does not get enough due to some conditions that you might have. It is always the best move to consult your doctor about it before trying anything else.

Some nutraceuticals might not work correctly for you, so you should seek medical opinions from professionals to consider adding this into your healthy living lifestyle. Always remember that prevention and knowledge are much better than cure. Neutraceuticals are great, but always ask your doctor for more advice since this is a new method.

Final Thoughts

We cannot blame ourselves if we want to live a healthy life because we can only achieve our dreams if we are in an excellent state of body and mind. Thus, we keep on searching for more outstanding alternatives and supplements that can make us stronger, faster, and healthier than ever before.

Nutraceuticals offer a much newer take on multivitamins and other health supplements. They are backed with studies that support the people’s claims of making their bodies much healthier than before. However, if you are still unsure about it, always ask your healthcare provider if this one’s for you.

Hour Glass prioritizes your health and wellness as much as you do. Thus, they offer a wide range of services and procedures that can help you achieve your best shape of health through the newest offerings in the world of medicine and technology. They offer nutraceuticals, along with some of their aesthetic offerings, and you can consult their in-house team of doctors for the best options for you. Get ready to be timeless with Hour Glass.

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