Hand Tied Hair Extensions: A Complete Guide to You Need to Know

Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Hand Tied Hair Extensions have long been a popular approach to boost one’s self-esteem while also adding volume and length to one’s hair. There is, however, a new sheriff in town when it concerns your selections for the year 2022. 

According to Instagram, taking the internet, the hair extension business, and extension enthusiasts by storm, hand-tied hair extensions are the purest and least harmful weave placement method currently available.

Are you looking for hair extensions that won’t damage your natural hair? We are pleased and happy to let you know that you can now have both! This approach is rapidly rising in favor, and if you’re thinking about getting hair extensions, here’s all you need to know everything about the hand-tied procedure.

What Makes a Difference between Beaded and Hand-tied Hair Extensions

Hand-tied hair extensions are comparable to the beaded wefts technique in that they cover a larger surface area on your head, but the hand-tied ones are more natural-looking. Your natural hair is used to create the rows over your head, then sewed onto the wefts using the procedure described above.

When it comes to these extensions, less really is more! Hand-tied wefts are significantly thinner, bigger, and lighter than conventional wefts. When your hair is “thin,” it can rest flatter on your head, giving you a more natural appearance. 

Because the wefts are bigger and cover a greater area, less weaving is required, allowing your natural hair to be relieved of the weight of heavy extensions that tug on your head. If you’ve had extensions done in the past, you’re probably aware of how difficult and exhausting some procedures may be.

Maintenance and Installation

Adding extensions is always contingent on the condition of your hair. Hand-tied hair extensions need extra preparation to ensure that each weft is placed in the most advantageous location, resulting in a longer processing time overall. 

Hand-tied hair extensions require a minimum of five hours of labor to complete the installation process. We all know that’s enough period to binge-watch at least half a season of Friends, so consider this a forewarning and something to be prepared for.

There are normally 2-4 wefts woven into each row of hair when it comes to what is being put onto your head. Sometimes, a single row is sufficient, while two or three rows may be required. This is fully dependent on the type of appearance you want to achieve. Throughout your hand-tied hair extension appointment, your stylist will explain your hair objectives and the steps that will be required to attain your desired results.

Just after initial installation, you should be able to experience the same extensions for around 6-8 months following the installation. However, based on how fast your hair grows, you’ll need to return to the salon every 6-10 weeks to have your extensions pushed higher.

It’s Easy to Incorporate New Hairstyles!

More hair gives more occasions to experiment with different looks! And, because of the manner these hand-tied hair extensions are applied to your hair, there are no limitations on what you may do with them. 

They’re connected to the tresses to allow them to be hidden in any hairstyle that you choose. Ponytails when you’re working out? Do you do your braids as you sleep? Looking for a stylish bun for work? If you can think of a name for it, you can probably do it without worrying about your extension being noticed!

How much do hand-tied hair extensions cost?

Let’s discuss the cost of hair. As is true of all hair care products, equipment, and services, the price varies from place to place, as does the level of experience of the hairdresser and the durability of the extensions. In the end, it all comes down to your real hair and the desired style you want to attain – if you wish to go for a full-on hair transformation that will turn heads or keep it low-maintenance with tiny modifications that will work best to compliment the hair that is already on your head.

The price is determined by the number of rows and wefts necessary to bridge the gap between your natural hair and your desired hairstyle. And if it’s your first time getting hand-tied extensions, you may expect to pay more than you would if you were simply sitting in the chair to have your already-tied-in extensions trimmed and maintained.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Hand-Tied Extensions

Hand-tied hair extensions are great for ladies who want their hair to seem 100 percent natural, almost as if it were their own. That is precisely what these intricate hair designs offer, and they manage to deliver on their promise. 

Apart from the fact that they blend in with ease, they also feel very similar to your own hair in most cases. Aside from giving your hair the look and feel of “this is my genuine hair,” they have the ability to add dimensional volume and texture to your hair.

How long will hand-tied hair extensions last?

When it comes to long-term commitment, this is the one to go with. It is reasonable to anticipate them to last for 12 months after you sit in the salon seat with this extension alternative in mind. Everything will be fine as long as you don’t take it for granted and go viciously every time you style, rinse, and comb those gorgeous locks.

A well-cultivated and cared-for relationship will continue for a more extended period, just like any other. If you treat your hair with care, you should be able to live happily (and with unfettered hair) for at least a year after that. 

Not only will you look stunning at this year’s Christmas party, but you’ll also be able to walk into the bridesmaid position boldly next summertime — still sporting those Beyoncé-approved waves — thanks to your new style.

Is it possible for hand-tied hair extensions to damage your natural hair?

These extensions have two distinguishing characteristics. 1. They are the closest thing you can get to having real hair (and feel.) 2. Because of the minimum touch between your hair and the beading, they are claimed to have the least detrimental impact on your hair. 

Hour Glass would be delighted to assist you if you’ve been thinking about getting hand-tied hair extensions. The specialists are trained and qualified in the Habit HandTied Hair Extensions process, and they only use the highest quality wefts to give you the looks you’ve been dreaming of for years.

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