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June 2, 2017
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November 14, 2017

spaOne of the newest trends in the beauty world is eyelash extensions. Many people have tried out this treatment which involves taking semi-permanent glue and attaching a type of fake lashes right to the lash line. This is perfect for anyone who relies on false eyelashes every day but doesn’t want to deal with the time consumption. It’s also perfect for someone who may have very few natural lashes and wants something that will make their eyes pop.

The goal of eyelash extensions is to make sure you don’t have to worry about putting on mascara or falsies. It’s the beauty product of the future. Dove conducted a survey and found that seven in 10 women say that a “beauty product” is anything that makes them more confident.

For many, the idea of having fake eyelashes semi-permanently glued to their eye can be a bit intimidating. However, it’s actually a very simple and painless process that gives you your ideal lash look for weeks at a time.

If you are looking to get them put on, but aren’t really sure what to expect, here are some things you need to know. 

The Two Types of Eyelashes
When you are getting eyelash extensions, your lash artist at your spa will give you the choice of which material you want to go with. You can choose between synthetic and authentic Siberian mink lashes. Each lash comes in any size from 6mm to 17mm. After choosing your material, the lash artist at your spa will start to apply them with the semi-permanent glue. Don’t worry, though. The glue will not irritate your eye or damage your natural lashes.

The Timespan of Eyelash Extensions
After the lashes are applied, which takes about two hours to do, you don’t have to worry about getting them touched up for about two or four weeks. After that time period, you can revisit your spa to get your lashes fixed up to look good as new.

Will Eyelash Extensions Blind You?
There is no need to worry! Getting eyelash extensions put on will not blind you! Your eyes will be closed the entire time and the lash artist at the spa is specially trained to keep you comfortable and out of pain.

Eyelash extensions help people feel as if they don’t have to wear extra makeup or put on false lashes. The painless procedure gives people the confidence they need to step out of the door without makeup on and makes people feel better about themselves.


  1. Millie Hue says:

    I love that you mentioned that the glue that they will be using will not irritate the eye. This is my concern ever since I have developed the interest in getting one. However, I really wanted to do so because I wanted to reduce the time that I have in the morning to prepare myself. This is because I have been getting late due to doing my makeup.

  2. Millie Hue says:

    Thanks for helping me understand that the lashes must be touched up after two to four weeks after the application to keep them looking new. I will keep that in mind since I wanted to have lash extensions this month. This is one of the preparations that I am doing for the Christmas party of the company that will be held in December. This tip will keep my future lashes in good condition.

  3. Gerty Gift says:

    Thank you for mentioning that the eyelash glue they use won’t damage my natural lashes. I have been thinking about getting extensions for a while, but have been nervous about what will happen when the extensions wear out. This has helped me to be a little more confident in going forward with getting this done.

  4. My sister wanted to have great looking lashes daily when she starts her new job as a model. It was explained here that eyelash extensions cannot blind her. Furthermore, it’s recommended to go to trusted professionals when considering eyelash extensions.

  5. Kate Welling says:

    Its great to know that lashes come in any size from 6mm to 17mm. I would want something a little longer than my natural lashes. I’ll start looking for a studio that near me so I can get these!

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