Beth Hammond Hourigan


Beth is a wife, adoring mom of two (their third child is due December 2017) and a native Lexingtonian who has lived in several other cities, choosing to make Lexington home again because of her love of family, the bluegrass and the small town feel that a growing Lexington provides. Beth is a former collegiate athlete, NFL cheerleader, has an MBA in Marketing and International Business, and she has a vast array of medical esthetic experience based on her over 15 years sales and training experience in medical esthetics. Beth and her husband thought after traveling and seeing many lash bars elsewhere that Lexington had a need for a lash bar where perfect brow shaping, waxing, and excellent medical esthetic skincare could also be incorporated. Having a love for makeup through her years on stage brought her to DEX Cosmetics, a new entity to Kentucky. Hourglass has created the perfect esthetic combination for women fighting the good fight against aging.


Lash Artist, Esthetician, Makeup Artist

Jamie is an esthetician who has a passion for delivering the perfect set of eyelashes and loves shaping brows and pampering her clients skin. An expert lash artist, she is known for delivering flawless lashes to each client. Jamie can also be seen in and around town creating the perfect palette of makeup for photo shoots! She is also a proud mom of two boys and loves to spend time outdoors with them enjoying and exploring the bluegrass whenever she can.


Skin Team Leader, Esthetician, Microblade Artist, Makeup Artist

Sarah has wealth of knowledge in good skincare, as she was trained from some of the best dermatologists and estheticians in the business right out of her esthetic training. We refer to Sarah as our skin and eyebrow guru as she is a perfectionist when it comes to pampering her clients skin and creating the perfect microbladed brows. Sarah can also be found creating the perfect look for brides and spending most of her free time with her adorable little girl.


Lash Team Leader, Lash Pro, Skin Care Specialist, Makeup Artist

Whitney is an amazing artist when it comes to creating the perfect set of lash extensions. She is so passionate and creative and has a keen esthetic eye for creating the perfect "eye" for her clients through eyelash extensions, brow shaping and makeup application. Whitney is well known in Lexington for her over ten years of experience in lashing the bluegrass. Whitney is a mom to her loving fur babies and enjoys spending her free time with friends and family.


Esthetician, Lash Artist

Taylor has been an esthetician waxing and peeling faces all over Lexington for years! She loves to make sure she is pampering her clients and making them feel relaxed and maintaining their beautiful glowing skin. Taylor is also a lash artist lashing some of the best in Lexington! Whether its waxing, lashing, skin treatments, or anything else esthetic Taylors got you covered! Taylor can be found spending quality time with her husband and her family when not creating glowing skin at Hourglass.



Lynsi is an RN with over eight years experience in esthetics medical spas and injectables. She has an amazing eye for symmetry, never over-correcting always correcting to her patients perfect natural look! Lynsi can turn back the time 10 years in just one hour! Lynsi is also a lash pro who loves to make every lash absolute perfection!!! She can be found spending time with her husband and their two small children when she is not busy at Hourglass making our patients look and feel their absolute best!


Front Desk Manager

Ally is a University of Kentucky graduate and a full time nanny as well as part time front desk manager for Hourglass Lash and Skin Bar. Ally loves her lashes and all things skincare and makeup! She is a huge University of Kentucky BBN fan and spends her free time with friends or in London, KY with family.